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eveprjct was created as a small side project by our designer Eve. Eve has been knitting and crocheting for several years now and her bags were so popular among her friends that she decided to sell her bags online.  Sustainability is a very important topic for us so we are setting a statement against mass production with our bags that fall into the category of “slow fashion”. eveprjct is an inclusive brand and our bags can be worn by anyone , regardless of age, gender or sexuality. We only use high quality yarn that is produced in Europe.



Eve used to own a designer furniture store and has always been interested in good design. This, combined with a great love for fashion, led to an exquisite eye, which is also reflected in her beautiful designs. 

The brand eveprjct is a small business, from the north of Germany, that is owned by Eve. She makes all the handbags by hand with a lot of attention to detail.

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