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The design of our handbags has been a long process. First starting with the regular knitting and crochet technique we slowly became interested in the hand knitting technique, which gives our handbags their unique and modern, almost dystopic look. Although you find knits everywhere this unique handbag is something fresh and new and a kind of new interpretation of the classical knit bag. Its minimalistic appearance and unique shape reminds of the 70s bubble aesthetic. 

About Our Leather


The hand knitting technique works similar to the regular crochet technique, but works without a crochet needle. Instead we use the hands. Instead of regular yarn we use high quality yarn tubes. These tubes provide a pillow like soft appearance and touch to our bags. 

The technique is very unique and is not much found in fashion yet. That's why eveprjct handbags are so unique and beautiful.


We are taking sustainability very serious. If possible we are trying to use eco friendly yarn that is produced in Europe and also are using eco friendly packaging for our shipping. 

The biggest aspect though is our "slow fashion" that is to create a long-lasting, timeless classic that can be washed and is supposed to last a lifetime. 

We are producing in the north of Germany and every piece is custom made.

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